Decisions - Stood 2nd in Appian Hackathon

May 14, 2020
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Project Decisions


Decisions was the app that was submitted by Appcino Technologies as their entry in Appian Hackathon 2020. It was built in span of 2 months, from scratch, by a team of 3 developers to which I was a part of. The app was built on Appian 20.1 and was backed up by SQL Server Database.

The Problem

Different decision owners felt the need for documenting a decision outcome, along with the process which was executed to come out with the final decision. Additionally, the owners wish to review the past executed/performed decisions in future along with the comments coming from different involved collaborators, ultimately improving the overall decision process & adding high business value in their respective work areas.

What it does

Allows individual/ group of individuals configure their decision models (consisting of a combination of the decision matrix, decision tree, voting/ polling), & executing these with various facts, assumptions, outputs from previous decisions/ or decision steps to come with a decision based on the configured logic on the corresponding decision model. Not just that - the decision model owner can choose to enable “collaboration” with multiple people in the department/ team or organization to get their inputs across multiple stages of decisions during its execution that can further act as inputs to subsequent decisions steps, overall contributing to the accuracy of the outcome of the decision.

Additional business value propositions this application brings for the users of the application and thereby for the entire organization:

  1. The application also offers appraising the decision process - by letting the decision-makers to step back and review the process by which decision was made coming through the feedback’s, lessons learnt & collaborators comments from previous decisions.
  2. With this entire decision-making ecosystem - the application automatically puts the core decisions taken and related comments to be documented for future reference that can further act as key inputs for future decisions.
  3. Enables continuous improvement & learning when any decision turns/proves out incorrect as the reasoning of every decision stages are documented for required retrospective phase for future decisions, thereby helping an organization to make better decisions in future.
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